About CrimsonLight

CrimsonLight.com is a review site for Christian music. From time to time we will hit on a few other reviews for music and music, but our aim id definately Christian music.

We do not sell music, and therefore get an honest review. There are many other review sites that want you to buy music, and are always pushing positive reviews. With CrimsonLight.com you will get our honest opinion. ALWAYS.

CrimsonLight started back in 1999 when Jake Rinard and his wife felt the urge to start a Christian website. It took off and grew into at one point the internet’s largest Christian music review site.

We are always looking for more people who would like to review, as this takes a lot of time and resources. So if you like music and like to write, this may be a great opportunity to help other Christian music lovers.

If you have any requests let us know. We will gladly help you out and review whatever it is you are looking for.

Until next time… happy listening.
:: Jake Rinard
:: CrimsonLight.com