Fear Inside Our Bones | The Almost | Review

Fear Inside Our Bones is  Fear Inside Our Bonesan incredible album musically as well as vocally. Excellent message and great southern rock sound. I would highly recommend this album; it is well worth the money.

It’s all too easy to make an album in this day and age. You rent out a studio, record one part, and then cut and paste it across the whole record.  Putting your soul on tape is a scary thing.

The Almost overcame that fear and did something completely different for not only themselves but modern rock as a whole. They locked themselves in a small room in Nashville’s Omni Studios for only five days and played every note of their third full-length album, Fear Inside Our Bones (Tooth & Nail Records), together in unison.
The only possible downside  would be that fans of the more light rock sound may be upset by the edge on this release. Those looking for the more pop sound of days past will have to adjust to The Almost of today. The Almost on this is a bit more classic rock. The guitars roar, the cymbals crash and the bass drives it all home.

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