Jimmy Needham – Not Without Love Review

Jimmy Needham didn’t make a big splash with his first release, Speak but this was not due to lack of talent. On his sophomore album Jimmy has a solid album with some great words with a lot of power.

Jimmy brings a bit of mellow blues with pop and slight hints of jazz mixed in. Jimmy is known to bring down to earth lyrics while not being preachy. It is nice to hear something different for a change. In fact this album brings back memories of my favorite artist Keith Green.

Jimmy has partnered with Patton House Entertainment, a talent management firm which should help him get his name and this album out there. Look to hear more about Jimmy Needham as his presence grows. This album is worth a listen.
Jimmy Needham
Not Without Love Track Listing

1. Come Around
2. A Breath or Two
3. Hurricane
4. Firefly
5. Forgiven and Loved
6. Before & After
7. Tossed by the Wind
8. Unfailing Love (Kelly’s Song)
9. Rend
10. The Author
11. The Great Love Story
12. Not Without Love (Benediction)

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